Daisylane Cavaliers

Daisylane Shake Rattle and Roll
owned by Carrie Sogg & Kristine Schmidt

Bica is the son of
CH MACH10 Denzil and CH MACH4 Marlee, the first CH MACH x CH MACH breeding in the history of Cavaliers.

From Carrie;
Bica's accomplishments are clearly in the Best Friend and Therapy Dog category.  He's been visiting Methodist Hospital
here in Brooklyn, NY.  Just for those who are thinking the whole therapy dog thing seems a little frivolous (I do too at
times), I can relate an experience a week ago where we were visiting patients in the ventilator unit (end-of-life for
most).  I  picked Bica up and held him up on a patient's bed, a woman who could  not open her eyes or move even when
we spoke to her. Her daughter helped her stroke Bica's soft ears, and the woman smiled.  This was a real gift for the
family, and chokes me up a bit just thinking about it.  

Bica also visits kids, rehab patients, families waiting for their loved ones to come out of surgery, as well as staff  (staff  
especially loves him on the units where the patients are the most gravely ill and/or have a lot of pain). One patient
told me he had a dog who looked just like Bica.  "Really?" I said.  "What kind of dog was he?"  "A Rottweiler." the patient
replied proudly. "He looked exactly the same!"  (Actually, lots of people wonder if he's a Rottie or a Dobie!)  Bica is a
good and happy boy, and gets lots of treats when we leave the hospital!

Here is the Good Dog Foundation
video starring Bica with a young boy whom is recovering from brain surgery.