Daisylane Cavaliers
January 2017
MACH Halfling Raconteur and owner/handler Joanne for achieving their first
MACH together.

December 2016
CONGRATULATIONS to Daisylane And The Beat Goes On and his owner/handler Antonia!  Dash placed
6th in the 2016 Eukanuba Agility Invitationals and achieved #1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in AKC
Agility for 2016.  What an awesome achievement.

CONGRATULATIONS also to MACH Mayalu's Tadesse.  Teddy is the first third generation agility
Cavalier to earn a MACH.  Teddy is the grandchild of MACH3 Crestrails Bold Encounter and MACH10
Wystar He Got Game.

December 2015
We have been waiting very patiently and after three years, Layla will finally be a Mama.  Layla lost her
first litter three years ago and after almost losing her to an infection of the uterus, she has not
conceived since.  Well, Peak decided it was his turn to try and try he did.  The litter is due on the 12th.

Dash will be competing at the AKC Eukanuba Agility Invitational in Orlando Florida on the 12th &
GOOD LUCK Dash & Antonia, may the course be with you both.

June 2015
Congratulations to MACH Sly, Daisylane Dance to the Music.  Sly is the eleventh pup sired by Denzil to
earn a MACH.  This is an awesome accomplishment by Sly and his owner/handler Terri who have
worked very hard to be the team they are today.  Congratulations from the Daisylane family.  

February 2015
Daisylane was busy with winter raising 5 new puppies produced by Angie and Travis.  They have all left
for their new homes across the USA and will be starting their agility training.  This is the first
generation of Denzil grand-children to start in agility.

December 2014
Daisylane And The Beat Goes On "Dash" competed at the 2014 AKC Invitational in Orlando, Florida.
Dash had three clean runs and a dropped bar in one run with the fastest times of the Cavalier's
Dash's runs can be viewed on the
agility video web page.

November 2014
Congratulations to MACH Dylan and Steve.  Dylan is the ninth cavalier sired by Denzil to earn a MACH.
Another MACH for Daisylane, Congratulations to MACH Peak whom is the tenth cavalier sired by
to  earn a MACH and the sixth Cavalier owned and trained by Daisylane.  Videos of Peak's runs can be
viewed on the
agility video web page.

October 2014
Angie, Daisylane Earth Angel, gave birth to five black and tan puppies (3 girls, 2 boys), sired by Travis,
Wystar Against all odds.  Grandpa Denzil and Grandma Marlee are so happy all the puppies are
healthy.  Soon there will be five more Daisylane pups on the agility course.  
Layla earned her MACH3 and Rowan earned his MACH2.  Congratulations to both.

March 2014
Daisylane is proud of their friends Wayne & Merle who won the AKC National Agility Championship in
the 16 inch division.  
Click here to view Wayne & Merle's finals run.

February 2014
Daisylane paws competed in the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Show on February 8th, 2014.  
This was the first annual agility trial for WKC and any dog currently competing at excellent or master
level was allowed to enter.  Entries were selected by random draw (lottery) and Daisylane's envelope
was selected.  So Marlee, Summer, Layla and Peak took their paws to NYC Pier 94 to compete.

The competition consisted of one STD run and one JWW run.  In the 12 inch height division there were
42 dogs.  Summer (8th), Peak (9th), Layla (12th) and Marlee (14th) all qualified in the STD run.  Layla
(9th), Summer (10th) and Marlee (15th) qualified in the JWW run.  The top ten of the cumulative totals
of the two runs were selected for finals.  Except only the top three were guaranteed a run in finals, the
fourth thru tenth dogs could not be the same breed as another in the finals.  So Summer who placed
8th in cumulative totals pushed out Layla (9th) from competing in finals.  Marlee did very well also
placing 11th in cumulative totals.

So the Daisylane paws did very well.  You can view their videos on the Agility Video page.