Daisylane Cavaliers

MACh2 Mydesire Daisylane Touched By Angels OF MXS MJG C-RA
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Be careful when you evaluate a litter.  I evaluated a litter and commented that Layla was the pick for conformation
because of her perfect structure.  The next thing I know, she was given to me, so now I have a blond child
Check out Layla's agility runs on the Agility Video page.

Click here to view Layla's health records.
Layla had three wins in the breed ring before she
even started to exhibit in Agility

In agility training, Layla became a new challange,
she was much more reserve in attitude then what I
was used to.  One verbal no-no in agility training
and she would shut down.  I was used to a cavalier
that said "Ok, no problem we can try that again".  
My handling and training was changed just for Layla
and she is now a very confident cavalier who just
loves to stretch out on the agility course.  

Layla earned her Master Agility Championship title
September 2013.
At a young age, Layla earned her first points in the
breed ring.
Another two wins for the blond child.
One of the things I would like to share is the pictures
of an in-stride jump sequence that I had
photographer Barry Rosen did of Layla.  Notice the
stride to collection to a perfect horizontal body
position over the jump and directly into full stride to
be ready for the next obstacle.
A dog needs to learn how to jump correctly, just like
trainers teach horses.