Daisylane Cavaliers
Rainbow Bridge where we will meet again one day.


MACh C-MACh Wystar Sweet Redemption CDX RAE C-CDX C-RAE

May 5th, 2004 - June 21st, 2011
Our time together was
too short, but you lived
Embracing challenges,
you achieved and
conquered these
challenges.  I long for
your hugs and kisses, you
are very deeply missed
my sweet one.

Sir Perseus CDX

July 15th, 1992 - June 15th, 2010

My boy, you will Always be with me
Only cavaliers approved by Persy, may
join the family.  When I first started
exploring other breeds beside cocker
spaniels, I wanted to get away from
all that grooming, one of the breeds
was the cavalier.  Persy and I
attended a cavalier specialty so I
could analyze his behavior.  I was
very surprise that he actually liked
the cavaliers.   So we joined the
cavalier club to receive more
information about the breed and
started talking with breeders.  We
soon welcomed our first cavalier Daisy
to the family.  

Cricketeer Ivy Geranium


January 1997 - October 2006

Our Matriarch
Daisy is my first Cavalier, entrusted to me by Joyce
Smith of Cricketeer Cavaliers.  I selected Daisy due
to her pedigree of performance cavaliers.  She is a
pleasure and wonderful girl.  As you have probably
noticed, since Daisy is my first cavalier, her name is
Daisylane Cavaliers.  It is to her that I owe the
everyday, in multitude now.

Daisy’s performance career was cut short due to a
back injure she incurred while playing and being the
“Crazy Daisy” she is.  I retired Daisy for a while due
to this injury.  With the gentle hands of Dr. Sue Ann
Lesser, Canine Chiropractor, Daisy has recovered to
enjoy life.  She doesn’t perform in any events that
enjoys going to dog shows and being the MASCOT.  
She has always had a very out-going personality,
especially with children.  She still enjoys playing
fetch and most of all being a cavalier with her new
cavalier brother and sisters.

June 1989 - August 2003

Always in Our Hearts

I welcomed Sasha into my
arms many years ago.  This
puppy was a delightful little
girl and a precious gift from
a very dear friend.  Sasha
was a buff colored cocker
spaniel and Persy’s mother.  
She was extremely
intelligent and was very
cunning to get any food she
could.  Her endeavors
always amazed us and she
was as gentle and kind while
maintaining the dominant
canine position in the